Why A Cultural Tour Is An Effective Fundraising Tool

"When it came to our capital campaign, eighty percent of those who went on the tour with us wrote six figure checks," said a manager responsible for the cultural tours which a large regional theater ran several times a year. 

When this manager moved to a new company, the first thing he did was create a cultural tour. Why? Over a decade of experience proved they are a highly effective fundraising strategy. 

A tour is a cultivation tool and will:

1.Attract new givers and/or board members.
2.Inspire current patrons to move up to the next giving level.
3.Organize your donors into an effective team.
4.Build goodwill.

Since individual giving is the largest source for non-profits ($187 billion in 2004), fundraising is about the relationship. The more you nurture it, the more you’ll receive steady support. Create continuity and stability for your company. A tour is a powerful shared experience; it builds trust and a team. Utilizing team intelligence is essential to a high-performance organization.

Tours provide a less pressured way to be in constant contact with key patrons during the year. Inevitably, through this ongoing contact, they will better understand your goals and challenges, personally identify with your mission.

And it's an excellent incentive for your staff. A bonus for high performers -- like you.

"Donors don't give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe."
                                   -- G.T. Smith
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