We partner with non-profit theaters, alumni associations, foundations, and arts organizations to create behind-the-scenes, Europe/USA, and New York cultural tours for their patrons and members.
Welcome to our exciting new company!

We invite you to take one of our highly exclusive tours. A transformative experience which will connect you with opinion makers and innovators, the elite top-tier of your host country.

Our itineraries give you the insider's view of another country through our network of preeminent artists, scholars, critics, curators, celebrities, and arts management specialists. 

You'll mingle with cutting edge people and be guided by the finest minds through cultural capitals such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Dublin, among others. 

We work with arts organizations, non-profit theaters, alumni associations, foundations, institutions which keep the arts, learning, and culture, alive and thriving, and we are committed to their growth.

In our inaugural year we will focus on our London/USA, and New York theater and visual arts tours. In the meantime, we are planning very exciting cultural tours to Avignon, Rome, Dublin, Berlin, Budapest, among other cultural hot spots around the world. 

Please join us for a travel experience which will give you a fresh perspective into the heart, mind, and soul of other countries, and those who shape their culture.

Travel is discovery of oneself through contact with other people.
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"Insider Cultural Tours created the perfect itinerary for The New Group.  It impressed our board and provided VIP treatment for our patrons.  It was a genuine insider look at the London theater scene. Both the service and attention to detail was exceptional." -- Oliver Dow, Managing Director, The New Group